Monday, September 12, 2011

Making progress...

This week we are seriously pushing math and spelling, Kaitlyn's two weakest subjects. I feel like we're already making progress (and it's only Monday...yippee!!). She has finished some of her lessons for math and is almost done with one from spelling. I can't believe the amount of effort she is putting into these assignments.

Next week we are going to be learning about ancient Egypt. We will be learning about pyramids, mummies, the Egyptian social structure, their natural resources for trade goods, transportation, and hieroglyphics. I have a hieroglyphics book, and we are going to paint some of them on rocks and then memorize their specific meanings. I'm also thinking about us making our own mummies with paper mache and baby dolls, but I'm not quite decided on whether we are going to do that yet. I am really excited about starting the Egyptian project. I love projects where we get to think outside the box and travel to times and places we have never been. I will be posting pictures as we work our way through the ancient Egyptian project. Until then, have a great week full of lots of fun learning!! :)


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